Adriana Borriello e Thierry De Mey (IT/BE)

July 4 | 9 p.m.
Arena del Teatro India


A forest made of an installation of hanging, tuned bamboos, six dancers, music composed by electroacoustic sounds recorded live, instrumental parts, the presence of lights, a choreography that orchestrates all of this. The bamboo forest is a powerful and evocative presence that veils and unveils, that occupies space and marks its rhythm, in its full and empty parts, that shapes it and gives it a meaning. It’s a presence one can see, hear, smell, and “feel”. Then the bodies, the sounds, the light move, play, sculpt, live and transfigures it. Dance spreads among the bamboos producing sound that is transformed, altered, bedazzled, sophisticated, elaborated; the outcome is music. The performers also play the bamboos and all the music – electric and acoustic – returns to the dance, and moves the bodies, that move the sound of the forest space. This is an interdisciplinary work where movement/dance, sound/music, vision/visual art converse without a hierarchy, according to “synesthetic intersections”: the vision moves, the sound can be seen, movement can be heard, the roles reverse and join and merge according to particular perceptive alchemies. The music creates an articulated score that weaves sound and movement turning them upside down; it engages them, it swings between a rigorous “timeless” writing and an organized improvisation, between a polyphonic complexity and the purity of simple sounds, it blends the pre-established material with live actions in a grand and unique sonorous fresco.
It’s loosely inspired by the theory of the five elements of Chinese tradition, their connection to the cardinal points, colors, organs (of the body), consistencies, moods, states of being… the idea of cycles and transformation, going and returning, cooperating oppositions, upheavals, the eloquence of simple forms, the mysterious nature of numbers and the systems of relations they generate.


Concept e coreografia: Adriana Borriello 
Installazione e musica: Thierry De Mey
Sistema di amplificazione del movimento: Edoardo Maria Bellucci
danzato da e creato con: Adriana Borriello, Erica Bravini, Michele Ermini, Michael Incarbone, Donatella Morrone, Ilenia Romano
Luci: Théo Longuemare
Scenografia: Shizuka Hariu/@SHSH Architecture
Realizzazione Tecnica istallazione: François Bodeux
Direzione tecnica: Federico Betta
Organizzazione: Margherita Kay Budillon
Amministrazione: Chiara Marianetti
Produzione: AB Dance Research
Coproduzione: Charleroi Danse, Eroïca Productions, Tib Teatro, with the support of Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles
Ringraziamenti: Louis Derny , Thibaut Dachelet, Arturo De Mey, Gaspard Gavage

Adriana Boriello

is a dancer, choreographer, and pedagogue. She trained at the National Dance Academy and at Maurice Béjart’s school Mudra. In 1986 she founded her first company in France and since then she’s been carrying on her independent activity, which is varied and includes choreography, teaching, and collaborations. She contributed to the foundation of Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker’s Belgian group Rosas and collaborated to the company’s manifesto show Rosas danst Rosas, both creating and performing it. As performer and co-author she has collaborated with Pierre Droulers, with whom she created shows such as Midi-Minuit and Palindrome. With her company, she worked at international productions performed during prestigious festivals. Borriello performs in most of her company’s shows; she’s been teaching since 1982 and she holds workshops in Italy and abroad. She has made choreographic workshops in Italy and abroad and she’s also taught in institutional programs and designing training programs herself. Over the years, she has elaborated her own methodical approach which involves work on the body and the organization of movement. She has collaborated with composers such as Michael Nyman, Giovanna Marini, Massimo Coen, Daniel Bacalov, Francesco De Melis and musicians like Alexander Balanescu and Gilda Buttà. Adriana Borriello is currently the artistic director of AB Dance Research and of Da.Re. Dance Research, a three years training program for dancers and choreographers.

Thierry De Mey

composer and director. He has developed a system of writing music for movement used in pieces in which the visual and choreographic aspects are as important as the gesture that produces the sound. Much of his musical output is for dance and film. He has been (more than) a composer for choreographers Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Wim Vandekeybus and Michèle Anne De Mey. His major works include Rosas danst Rosas, Amor constante, April me, Kinok (choreography by AT De Keersmaeker); What the body does not remember, Les porteuses de mauvaises nouvelles, Le poids de la main (choreography by W. Vandekeybus); Dantons Töd (directed by Bob Wilson). His music has been performed by leading ensembles such as Arditti Quartet, Hilliard Ensemble, London Symphonietta, Ensemble Modern, Muzikfabrik and Orchestre Symphonique de Lille. He creates installations that combine music, dance, video and interactive processes, which have been presented at the Venice and Lyon Biennale and in many museums. His work has been awarded nationally and internationally (Bessie Awards, Eve du Spectacle, Forum des compositeurs de l'Unesco, FIPA, etc.) Among his dance films/installations Deep in the wood (2002-2024), Counter Phrases (2003-2004), One Flat Thing (2006). He was the subject of the documentary Corps Accord (ARTE, 2003). For the Brussels Biennale Charleroi Danse he made the interactive installation From Inside (2007), the dance film polyptych And Here Voices (2009), and the installation Solid Traces (2015).

Edoardo Maria Bellucci

Rome-based composer, sound technician and sound artist. As a composer he specializes in contemporary electronic and electroacoustic music and his artistic activity includes composing music for cinema, art installations, sound sculptures and site-specific performances. As a sound engineer he has curated several record productions, ranging from classical and ancient to modern and contemporary repertoire.


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