Workshop aimed at people who work professionally in the performing arts

from 20 to 23 June – 11.00 am > 1.30 pm

Teatro India Sala A

In this choreographic workshop, aimed at people who have built or are in the process of contructing a concrete esperience of being on stage, Irene Russolillo invites one to immerse one’s dance in the vibrant element of vocality: diaphragm exploration, oral exercises that invade space, tunings and dissonances of voices as of bodies.

Beginning from the research and the creative process which gave origin to the show dov’è più profondothe imaginery is enriched by impressions that will be shared on this occasion. Exercises and improvisations will be proposed in which breathing and singing will be the starting point for movement and will amplify the resulting energy. Singing is not only a means for relating to others and of sharing with other human beings but it is also a possible instrument for getting to know others, with which to analyse the concepts of identity and tradition. Each participant will be asked to choose one or more songs that form part of his/her personal history, so as to be able to draw on as a solid source during the time of the workshop.

In the dim light of this imagining, bodies and voices draw the scene: incarnations of principles and dictates as pleasant as they are ferocious that make us move, while we go through musical, bodily and thought vibrations. I imagine a time in which you try to grip sparks and desires, experiencing mutation and discipline. A time in which it is always possible to pause, take a step back or stand to one side, while a sensitive choral relationship is articulated between one's own body and that of others, during la fatica dell’avanzare”.

Irene Russolillo

Irene Russolillo she is an independent dancer, performer and choreographer, with a hybrid and transdisciplinary approach to the scene. He also has a background in Political Science. In addition to a long career as an interpreter for Roberto Castello, Abbondanza-Bertoni, Micha Van Hoecke, Lisi Estaras,… he has been developing research on vocality and movement for several years, in solo projects or collaborating with visual, music and dance artists, in Italy and internationally. Awarded several times in festivals and competitions such as Equilibrio, Masdanza, Prospettiva Danza, Cross Award, ... she was supported by the Network Anticorpi XL, by ALDES, VAN, Fabbrica Europa, Oriente Occidente, she is currently associated artist of Orbita / national production center of the dance of Rome, the city in which it is based. Her latest works, debuted in 2022, are where it is deeper and If there is no sun, which she co-authored together with Luca Brinchi and Karima DueG. Graduated from the CND in Paris as a teacher, she holds workshops and masterclasses in contemporary dance, improvisation and vocal research.



Per partecipare inviare bio, foto e video (facoltativo) entro il 12 giugno 2023.


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