3 open classes in urban form by Anna Basti

30th June, 4th July, 7th July
at 18.00

Parco Tor Tre Teste


ore 17:45 al Teatro Biblioteca Quarticciolo

Le classique c’est chic is a project hub which comes to light with the aim of decolonialising the ideas that regard academic classical dance and classical ballet, with the desire to give tools of understanding and re-appropriation of one’s body to the greatest number of people.

What happens if we take away the whiteness, the bars, the bows, the mirrors, the points, the wood, the repertory and the forced smiles from classical dance? What happens if we transfer it into city spaces? If we make it an instrument for all the possible bodies? The idea is to move in the urban landscape keeping the structure of a typical classical dance lesson, bar in the centre, but happening amidst the decor and the spaces of the city. We will try to re-think the city itself as an enormous space to be crossed in diagonals and manège. No bars but low walls. No points but comfortable shoes. The classical technique as an instrument for understanding the body, available to everyone male and female, released from exclusive criteria.

La classe è aperta a tuttə quellə che hanno voglia di mettersi in gioco in un gesto collettivo di cura del proprio corpo e di riappropriazione dello spazio pubblico.  Non è necessaria alcuna esperienza pregressa. Per l’outfit va bene tutto: tute tutine tutulette, basta che siate a vostro agio in movimento. Scarpe, le più morbide e comode che avete, considerando che saremo comunque sul cemento.
N.B. saremo all’aperto per cui non avremo uno spogliatoio per cambiarci.

Anna Basti began studying classical dance at a young age, until arriving in Rome, where she qualified with a diploma from the ballet school of the Teatro dell’Opera. After working for a few months in the corps de ballet, she discovered contemporary dance and began to work in Italy and abroad in various contemporary dance and physical theatre companies. Classical dance, as study and training has always been for her a place to return to, a place where she could assess the new discoveries she was gradually incorporating. Le classique c’est chic is an attempt to synthesize all the knowledge acquired until now. In 2016 the duo basti/caimmi was initiated in which she developed her research in performance and with which in 2020 she was co-founder of Ostudio Rome, an artistic cohabitation space in Torpignattara.